11 Parenting Lessons Courageous Moms Do

$19.98 USD

This Bible-based Mothering Bootcamp will help you create change in your home and relationships with your kids RIGHT NOW!

Do you want your kids to be more obedient & respectful? 
Do you feel like your home is out of control?
Do media and friends have the loyalty of your child's heart?
Do you wake up in the morning excited to be a mom?

You have been called by God to be a missionary in your home- first as you train and disciple your children! 

Join over 2,000 other moms who've benefited from these this 11 Day Parenting Mini-Course.


" I just finished day two. Although I've only done two days I love this format. As a busy homeschooling mom and housewife, it is hard to find the time to read and do studies myself. This is great and takes little time to do the daily study. I love it so far and hope you do more studies in this format in the future! " Brandi D. 

"As a mom of five, I often find myself overwhelmed and not living out what I know I should be doing with my kids. This course has not only inspired me to take action but has given me practical application ideas. I have already started making changes in my home and seen a HUGE difference." Lindsay C. 

This mobile parenting course is perfect for the busy mom. 

Join the 11 Day Parenting Challenge to Encourage the Courageous Mom in You!!!

$19.98 -less than a $2/day

Once you join, you will receive a text message with a link to the 11 videos, parenting challenges, and prayers. 

This is a self-paced course accessible on your mobile phone so that you can digest it in bit size pieces if you need to. 
I just know that if you implement the exercises in this course you will lay a strong God-centered foundation in your home, you will be challenged to grow spiritually, and most importantly you will see your child's heart be drawn to yours, which in turn will transform your legacy.

$19.98 USD

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